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Signs and Symptoms

A brain tumor can obstruct the flow of cerebrosinal fluid (CSF), which results in the accumulation of CSF (hydrocephalus) and increased intracranial pressure (IICP). Nausea, vomiting, and headaches are common symptoms.

Brain tumors can damage vital neurological pathways and invade and compress brain tissue. Symptoms usually develop over time and their characteristics depend on the location and size of the tumor. A brain tumor in the frontal lobe may cause the following:

Behavioral and emotional changes

Impaired judgment

Impaired sense of smell

Memory loss

Paralysis on one side of the body (hemiplegia)

Reduced mental capacity (cognitive function)

Vision loss and inflammation of the optic nerve (papilledema)

A tumor located in both the right and left hemispheres of the frontal lobe often cause behavioral changes, cognitive changes, and a clumsy, uncoordinated gait.

A tumor in the parietal lobe may cause the following symptoms:

Impaired speech

Inability to write

Lack of recognition


Spatial disorders

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