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Healthy Diet For Heart

Healthy eating patterns and a healthy daily lifestyle are the first steps for staying healthy and preventing disease, or at least slowing its course. For the most part, health troubles begin with more than just a single occurrence in life. Usually, it is a combination of things, some that an individual can control through diet and exercise

*There are several super-foods which appear to offer extra protection against the dangers of heart disease. Some have already been mentioned but they are worth repeating. Oily fish ,garlic, onions, raw carrots, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, active yogurt, tea.

* Oats are a great source of fiber and higher concentration of protein. Oats may have additional cardiovascular benefits, add more oats in your diet of better hearts health.

*Switch to skimmed milk. It has 15 times less fat than even low-fat milk.

*Avoid high-fat foods

*Switch to fish, chicken and turkey, instead of red meat.

*Limit red-meat to twice a week.

*Switch to low-fat spread and use only a very thin covering.

*Fruit and vegetables – antioxidants in fruit and vegetables offer protection against heart disease.

*Switch to low-fat yogurts & mousses.

*Eat Garlic or take 1 capsule twice a day. It lowers LDL cholesterol level in 12% and increases HDLs. Some studies suggest that garlic may reduce levels of cholesterol and plaque buildup in the arteries.

*Whatever meat you serve, remove all visible fat or skin & don't use fat for gravy.

*Switch to lower-fat cheese: (Cottage, Philadelphia Light, or Laughing Cow).

*Switch to low-fat packet sauces and make up with water, not butter/milk.

*When buying frozen or pre-cooked foods, check the label and choose low-fat.

*Serve less meat (max. 4oz/100g) and more potatoes, vegetables & beans.

*Avoid all pastries, all fried food, crisps, chocolate, rashers, sausages, chops, fatty roasts, ordinary mince, meat-pies, corned beef, pate, salami, mayonnaise, butter, cream and all dairy products.

*Check the label and choose foods low in saturated or hydrogenated fats.

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