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Pre-menstrual tension - Pre-menstrual tension, or PMT, can make a woman’s life a misery prior to menstruation. Medical treatment can relieve some symptoms but self-help and understanding from friends can also alleviate much of the distress.

Motherhood - Though motherhood is now more a matter of choice, it still represents one of the greatest challenges. How can women rise to it – so enriching themselves and their families?

Miscarriage - With modern antenatal care most pregnancies end happily. If a miscarriage does happen it is important to remember that this is often nature’s way of preventing the birth of a deformed child.

Stretch Marks - Any woman can get stretch marks-and many frequently do, because of a sudden increase in weight as happens in pregnancy. But do any preventive measures work?

Varicose Veins - Our upright stance, with all its many advantages, has not come without a price. For many, this price may include varicose veins-those twisted knots of vein that snake embarrassingly across the lower legs.

Widowhood - Most of us can expect to experience widowhood either directly or through our parents, relatives or friends, but we are usually totally unprepared. Awareness of the stages of grief can help us through a difficult time.

Vulva - The word vulva describes the sexually sensitive outer region of the female reproductive system. The area is unfortunately susceptible to a variety of infections which are collectively known as vulvitis.

Sanitary Protection - There is a wide range of sanitary protection available today, and it is up to each woman to decide which type is right for her - which is most comfortable, efficient and best suited to her own life style.

Vagina - The passage for the creation of life, for giving birth and for sexual pleasure-these are the functions of the vagina. Unfortunately the vagina is prone to minor disorders which require medical treatment.

Uterus - In the past, the uterus has been blamed for almost every mental and physical ailment from which women have suffered.

Teratogenesis - Certain environmental and genetic factors can cause fetal deformity, or teratogenesis. Medical research is concerned with preventing such malformations and detecting them early in the pregnancy.

Placenta - Throughout pregnancy, the placenta is the vital link between mother and fetus. Both the feeding of the baby and the elimination of its waste products occur through this organ, which is expelled after the baby’s birth.

Pessary - A pessary is a device that is inserted into the vagina. Depending on the type used, its function can vary from correcting physical disorders of the uterus and preventing pregnancy to curing vaginal infections.

Saplingitis - Inflammation of the fallopian tubes often responds well to antibiotics, but a severe case can cause infertility. Any infection in a woman’s reproductive organs should therefore be treated immediately.

Sterilization - This is obviously an effective, once-and-for-all method of contraception, and for some women it is suitable. But it is drastic-the woman must be prepared to rule out any possibility of ever having another child.

Shyness - Left unchecked, shyness is a handicap that can dominate a person’s life. But with determination and the will to succeed, even the most timid of people can gradually learn to break though this barrier of inhibitions.

Toxic Shock - Toxic shock syndrome appears to be a world wide phenomenon. It nearly always affects young women almost invariably tampon users - who develop the condition during periods.

Thrush - Many people will suffer from thrush at some time in their lives. It is a fungal infection which is usually no more than a nuisance, and only present serious problems when associated with a severe generalized illness.

Ovaries - The ovaries not only produce and release eggs that are ready for fertilization. Their other vital role is to produce hormones that maintain the menstrual cycle and give a woman’s body its feminine shape.

Slimming - There are a hundred and one reasons why people want to slim, but probably the most common is fashion. So much coverage is given in the media to keeping slim and keeping fit that ‘slim’ has almost become synonymous with beauty.

Oral contraceptives - The oral contraceptive - ‘the Pill’ - is the most reliable reversible method of birth control that exist at present, and one of the most widely used.

Smear test - Most cases of cancer of the cervix-the neck of the womb-could be avoided is all women had regular smear tests. This is simple procedure detects pre-cancerous conditions at an early enough stage for effective treatment.

Vaginal bleeding - Causes and effects of vaginal bleeding.

Menopause - Many women discover that menopause gives them a new lease on life....

Menstrual Problems - Menstrual problems have become very common, due to faulty living style, ....

Ovarian Cysts - Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled sacs which are similar to blisters., ....

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