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Kneel on flat surface or in front of platform (height makes this move easier). Place hands shoulder-width apart.

Keeping back straight and tummy tucked in, slowly lower torso toward ground (or platform). Return to start.


Lie on stomach on platform or folded towel, arms stretched out to either side at shoulder level. Weights are optional.

Keeping neck relaxed, lift arms up, slightly bent. Return to start.


Position yourself as shown on edge of platform (bench, chair or stair will also work) legs extended and feet flexed. Bring hands as close together as possible, fingertips pointing toward ground.

Lower buttocks toward ground by bending arms. Keep back straight and backbone as close to bench as possible as you lower yourself. Return to start.


Lie on back as shown, with feet propped up. Drop knees open, soles of feet close together. (In this position, you’ll use fewer hip flexors and more abdominal muscles.

Curl up, keeping chin off chest and neck relaxed in palms. In this position, you may not curl up as high as you are used to. Return to start and repeat.


Lie on back as shown, hands behind head, and put right ankle on life knee.

As you curl upper torso up, lift knees and feet simultaneously, trying to touch right knee to nose. Return to start. Switch sides and repeat.


Lie on back shown, heels resting on low platform or rolled-up towel. Let both knees drop behind head.

Raise lift elbow to right knee, keeping leg rotated so toe points to left. Return to start. Switch sides repeat.


Lie on back as show, cushioning backbone with hands (palm on ground). Keeping them straight and together, pull legs toward shoulders so that knees are over shoulders.

Keeping heels together, feet pointing out, pull knees down toward shoulders. (Buttocks will lift slightly).


Position yourself on all fours as shown, with weight on left elbow and forearm and left knee. Move right hand out to side, palm on ground. Cross right ankle over sole of left foot. Rotate right leg out, so inner thigh faces ground.

Lift right leg up to just about hip level, maintaining rotation so inner thigh is parallel to ground. Return to start. Switch sides and repeat

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