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CPR or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is a lifesaving procedure that has saved many lives. It is a valuable tool that can be preformed in those first crucial minutes of an emergency situation. It takes special training, but it is not very hard to learn. your local hospital should have available in your area. Today I will describe Child CPR, for Infant CPR go to

Child CPR should be used in the case of a child 1-8 years of age. If you find a child in distress, check out the scene for clues to what happened and for any dangerous hazards in the area.

1. Check Responsiveness

If there is any suspicion of a head or neck injury, do not move the child unless it is absolutely necessary.

Shake the child's shoulder, to try and elicit a response

If there is no response continue to step two.

2. Shout out for help so that others are aware of the emergency.

Call or have someone else call 911.

3. Roll the child onto back.

If necessary roll the child over onto his back. Do this as a unit, do not twist.

4. Open airway

Place your hand on the child's forehead and tilt the head back, also place your fingers on the chin and lift. This will make the airway. open.

5. Check for breathing

Place your ear over the child's mouths and nose. Look at the child's chest to check for breath. Listen and feel for breath. If there is no breathing continue to step 6

6. Give two slow breaths

Keep the head tilted and chin up, pinch the child's nose shut and make a seal with your mouth over the child's mouth.

Give two slow breaths each lasting one second. Be sure to watch for the chest to rise, and allow for chest deflation after each breath.

If the chest does not rise, try two more breaths again, if this is still unsuccessful suspect that the airway is blocked and perform the Heimlich maneuver.

7. Check for Pulse

Maintain the head tilt with your hand on the infant's forehead and check the carotid pulse. Locate the Adam's apple with two or three fingers, then slide your fingers down into the groove of neck on the side closest to you. Feel for the carotid pulse for 5-10 seconds.

Only if you can NOT feel a pulse would you start CPR. Never do chest compressions on anyone with a heartbeat.

8. Locate finger positions

Use your fingers to find the notch at the end of the sternum.

Place your middle finger on top of the notch and your index finger next to it.

While looking at the position of the index finger, put the heel of the hand, (the hand closest to the child's feet) on the sternum next to where the index finger was.

Keep the fingers off of the chest and use the heel of one hand only.

9. Give 5 compressions

Keep one hand on the child's forehead to maintain head tilt.

With your shoulder directly above your hand place your hand on the chest.

Make sure to keep the arm straight and elbow locked.

Push down on the sternum one to one and half inches.

Do 5 compressions at a rate of 80-100 per minute. Count as you push down, "one and two and three and four and five."

10. Give one breath.

Follow the same procedures as in step six except give only one breath.

11. Repeat compression/breathing cycles to continue CPR for one minute, for a total of ten cycles.

12. Recheck Pulse.

Keep one hand on the forehead to maintain head-tilt.

Feel for the carotid pulse, check for 5 seconds. If there is still no pulse go to step 13.

13. Continue with the compression breathing cycles

Check the carotid pulse every few minutes.

14. If your child ever begins to breathe on his own discontinue CPR.

When the immediate crisis is over, Check the child over for any injuries or problems they might have.

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