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Nothing hurts quite like watching a child you love who is losing a battle with cancer. This happens to far more people than you might think.

Cancer isn't something just adults get. In fact, cancer kills more of our children and adolescents than any other disease. However, you'll be happy to learn that we're making good progress against cancer.

When I began my medical research career, curing a child with cancer was the rare exception. Now we can cure the majority of children with cancer. That is because of many years of remarkable research progress by a network of more than 100 institutions called the Children's Cancer Group. These researchers have treated more young cancer patients than any other organization. Perhaps the pediatric cancer experts at the medical center in your area are members of this prestigious community of scientists.

Childhood cancer needs to get more attention. I believe this killer should be a national health priority. Why?

Some people have said to me, "But Dr. Hammond, not nearly as many children get cancer as adults.

But I point out to them that children diagnosed with cancer still have many years ahead of them to live and be productive. When you measure the years of life put at risk by childhood cancer, the numbers add up to many more than for any single adult cancer. Make no mistake: childhood cancer is a major medical problem.

Second, research into childhood cancer also benefits adults with cancer. Children are more responsive to cancer treatment than adults, partly because they are otherwise healthy. For that reason, scientists have made greater progress fighting the cancers of children. Someday you might be treated yourself with techniques developed on childhood cancer patients.

Third, it is just not fair that children may die because they don't get the best known treatment. Every child with cancer should be offered the chance for a cure, and they will get the best known treatment at a recognized childhood cancer treatment and research center.

Children with cancer need you. You can make future cures possible. The National Childhood Cancer Foundation (NCCF) supports the research projects of the Children's Cancer Group all over the country. With your support, they can make faster progress against this disease.

It is not fair , and it is not necessary , for children to die of cancer.

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